Arts Residency at Mt. Saviour Monastery

The Visitation Residency Program brings a small, intimate group of artists and writers together to live and work for a week at a contemplative Benedictine monastery. We believe deeper creativity, vision, and other riches are to be found in sharing gifts and resources within communal rhythms of work, prayer, nature, and silence.

The next residency sessions will be in the summer of 2020. Please add your name to the mailing list below to find out when we open for applications.

You can be immersed in the life of the community around you, and also be immersed in your own life, your own inner life, which can also be as thronged and active as the life of any community you might be living in.

Immersed is a good word; it sounds to me like sinking to the bottom of the medium you're living in. But sinking in a way that allows you to breathe, and to see, and eventually to sum up or recapture what you've seen... I think you can only confidently drop to the bottom of a medium you're living in if you love it.


—Robert Lax, Poet

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We would like to thank the wonderful Benedictine monks at Mt. Saviour Monastery in Elmira, NY for their gift of hospitality.

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